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Award-winning BBC & HBO journalist Andrew Gold interviews the world's most controversial & inspiring figures in On the Edge with Andrew Gold podcast - which was in Apple's New & Noteworthy.

From outsiders like a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to such thought leaders as anti-woke scholar James Lindsay and feminist Helen Lewis, TV presenter Andrew Gold (known for his exorcism BBC 3 documentary) takes us out of our comfort zone and into the worlds of people On the Edge in this podcast.

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New Episodes Mondays

'It’s a fascinating listen' - Mail on Sunday

'Andrew asks penetrating questions' - The Times

It was in Apple's New and Noteworthy and reviewed by top journos, but don't trust them. Give the On the Edge with Andrew Gold podcast a go, [right], if you want to hear from a female Mormon psychopath, a teen head boy who thinks he's a paedophile or the man calling from prison where he's been sentenced for 17 years for killing his wife.

The podcast also has thought leaders like James Lindsay, Lord Daniel Finkelstein and Helen Lewis, as well as a hypnotist, a woman wrestler and the son of the Westboro Baptist Church founder. 

Every week is a surprise, so come along for the wild ride. 

Journalist Andrew Gold radio interview


Everyone’s a Critic

Mail On Sunday

Review by Leaf Arbuthnot

"Start with the episode with Zoltan Istvan, a leading light in the transhumanist movement. It’s a fascinating listen."

The Sunday Times

Review by Roland White

"The journalist Andrew Gold was taken over by the spirit of Louis Theroux. He bludgeoned his guests with charm and good manners."

The Jewish News

Review by Brigit Grant

"There is something for everyone, no matter how peculiar their taste! This week, he talks to Emily Green who left her Chasidic Jewish family."

Times Columnist

Tweet: Daniel Finkelstein

"I loved doing this, based round the book. Andrew has a gentle friendly style but he asks penetrating questions." (Admittedly, this was on Twitter.)

Apple Reviewer

AdamMattikus: 5 STARS

Ah so good. Really level headed, honest and fair in the face of big topics and difficult discussions. Love the gender equality and flipping around of stereotypes.

Apple Reviewer

ruthhannah70: 5 STARS

1st time reviewing a pod but have to because SO good. Binged 4 eps: fascinating pods, sensitively interviewd. Wonder if flattered by comparison to Louis Theroux

Apple Reviewer

mrsbospangles: 5 STARS

Eye opening, honest and thought provoking. From the episodes I’ve heard so far, this is refreshingly good journalism - and I’m hooked.

Apple Reviewer

Weinberg99: 5 STARS

Absolutely fascinating, incredible stories. I never want them to end! Andrew is a wonderful interviewer and keeps the stories relevant, balanced & personable.


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On the Edge with Andrew Gold podcast has also been picked by curators of the most popular podcast apps, including a place in Apple's prestigious New and Noteworthy section. 

As an independent podcast, there's no PR budget. All of the following features came organically through curation. I'd like to think they are a reflection of the show's growing popularity and quality.


On the Edge with Andrew Gold

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