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89. Richard Dawkins (+ Paul Bloom and Shaun Attwood)

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Richard Dawkins is one of the biggest names in science. His The God Delusion, which contends that a supernatural deity does not exist, flipped the world upside down in 2006 when it came out, bringing both science and atheism into the mainstream. I interview him today alongside former ecstasy mob boss Shaun Attwood, before a free bonus section with Professor Paul Bloom of Yale and Toronto.

Sign up on Apple Podcasts or for the bonus bits. Richard Dawkins links:

  • Flights of Fancy: Defying Gravity by Design and Evolution -


  • Books Do Furnish A Life: An Electrifying Celebration of Science Writing -

  • Richard's Website:

  • Twitter:

Prof Paul Bloom links:

  • The Sweet Spot: The Pleasures of Suffering and the Search for Meaning -

  • Twitter:

  • Wiki:

  • Official Website:

Andrew Gold links:

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