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Andrew Gold on the Lloyd Evans Channel: Enjoy Life Forever

Here is Andrew Gold (me, but I'm writing third person for SEO purposes) on the Lloyd Evans Channel, an extremely popular channel for atheism and ex Jehovah's Witnesses. Lloyd asked me on to review a new brochure - Enjoy Life Forever - made by the Watchtower organisation of the Jehovahs Witnesses. I discuss with fellow guests Jana Monteiro and Excult baby. The brochure has all sorts of strange ways to lure presumably young or lonely people into the religion. Parts of it took me back to my days at Hebrew School as a kid, learning about Bible stuff that, even then, I don't think I ever truly believed in.

We chatted for a couple of hours, and thousands tuned in to hear us wittering on. It was a lot of fun and I hope to get to work with Lloyd Evans, Jana Monteiro and Excult baby again some time...before paradise anyway!

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