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Andrew Gold on the Travel Tales Podcast with Mike Siegel

Andrew Gold (again, this is me writing, but I wrote my name for SEO purposes - think of that, what a mad world we live in!) was a guest last week on the Travel Tales Podcast, run by the travel-crazy (well, he loves travelling at least, but travel-loving doesn't sound as exciting) comedian and actor Mike Siegel: check out his podcast page. Or listen to the Travel Tales Podcast 'Andrew Gold' episode that I have embedded here.

This is one for travel enthusiasts and fans of comedy, because Mike and I have a lot of fun. We talk about the differences between US and UK culture, and I come out with all sorts of horrible and offensive stereotypes about the people from every place I've lived. So if you want to hear horrible things said about the French, Colombians, Argentinians, Brazilians and Germans, then listen to this two-hour fun fest. I'm half joking! I of course love all of those people, and we also talk about the amazing things about each place, as well as the experiences I had filming exorcism, UFO and abortion documentaries abroad while learning to speak five languages.

Mike is a great interviewer and a lot of fun to talk to. His podcast is great and I've had lovely feedback from a few listeners of my show, so do give it a go!

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