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Ep. 7: Arsenal Fan TV's Robbie Lyle

This is probably one for the football fans, but it's also a look into how to grow a social media channel and cross over into TV. Robbie Lyle of Arsenal Fan TV created his own channel in 2012 and it now has more a million followers. He can't walk the streets without being greeted by fans - and that goes for China and other parts of the world just as much as it does the UK.

AFTV has attracted criticism from high profile fans and players, former and current, who claim the show profits from the teams defeats. Robbie has always flatly denied this accusation.

I ask him about it and point out that 16 of his top-20 videos came after defeats, because his regular fellow fans get so angry that it brings in rival fans out of schadenfreude. We also have a great chat about his surprise upon meeting Spurs player Harry Kane, before Robbie gives his opinion and recounts person stories on everyone from Wenger and Lacazette to Kanu and Xhaka. He talks about the racist abuse he received at Spurs, and how the club got in touch with the YouTuber afterwards. And we get into life on the road and how it affects his kids.

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