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Awaken Atlanta (Guest Appearance)

For Halloween, I was invited to appear as a guest on the Awaken Atlanta show. Run by the UI Media Network, it gets around 10k live viewers and then many more in the following days. I've attached a 1-minute teaser, but you'll find the full 40-minute segment here.

On the show, I got to speak to presenters Tim Ray and Shannon McVey, who were dressed up as Star Trek characters for Halloween. I can only admire their commitment to the show. I had a great time, bouncing off ideas with the two of them. I felt, as you'll see in the below teaser, that Tim had been hoping I'd reveal something paranormal about my BBC 3 exorcism documentary, but I wasn't too forthcoming. Still, we were able to have an entertaining and respectful chat and debate. Really nice folk - and what was cool is that they approached me through the contact section of this very website, just a day after I made it. So, that was unexpected and made the work that went into this website worthwhile!

Find the YouTube version of my exorcism documentary (that works if you're not in the UK) here. And check out other guest appearance I've made, including the Thinking Out Loud podcast and the Ross Trevena Project.

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