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Ep 19: The Coffin Confessor

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Have you ever wished to have the last word in an argument? Like actually the definitive last word, where nobody can ever come back at you. Well, a private investigator in Queensland Australia called William Edgar believes he has the answer.

If you hire him, when you die – he’ll turn up at your funeral and give everyone a piece of your late mind. To lend his voice to the departed, he charges around $10,000 Australian dollars a pop for the service and makes sure to look into your claims, so that he’s not just spouting rubbish at a funeral.

He’ll also rummage through your belongings after you pass, hiding anything you don’t want your loved ones to see. I don’t want to give too much away right now, but we’ll talk about a pensioner’s sex dungeon, a secretly gay biker and some pretty crazy funeral clashes. And business is doing fine, if you believe the headlines in the BBC and the Daily Mail among others!

Despite the gloomy topic, he’s actually a lot of fun, and I love talking to such colourful characters, it’s sort of the whole point of the podcast, so I hope you enjoy being transported now to his world. Warning to my father, and all of our fathers and mothers – I think about 30% of his words are of the swearing variety.

By the way, you may enjoy some other pretty out-there episodes of On the Edge with Andrew Gold, including the female wrestler Rhia O'Reilly on whether it's a sport and the #SpeakingOut movement; the eccentric (crazy!) Dr. Tessa Dunlop on flirting and marrying boy her family adopted when he was 12; and a more serious topic in the form of Bobby Caldwell, currently serving 17 years for manslaughter that caused the death of the mother of his child.

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