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Ep. 53: I survived plane crash & had to eat friends

Meet Coche Inciarte, the most marvellous and loveliest man, who tells me about what it was like to survive a plane crash and live for 72 days in the most awful conditions imaginable. Eventually, he and his friends had to resort to desperate measures. It's a captivating story of human survival.

Thanks to sound recordist and editor Gonzalo Kaplanski for doing the English voice-over. Find his photography and video work here: https://gonkaplanski.myportfolio.com/ And thank you to the book's brilliant translator John Guiver. You can buy his and Coche's book, Memories of the Andes, here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Memories-Andes-Jos%C3%A9-Coche-Inciarte/dp/1913166333 Also thanks very much to Esther Harris at the Bookollective and Katharine Smith at Heddon Publishing for helping to make this happen. On the Edge with Andrew Gold Links:

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