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Ep. 64: Today, we’re taking Inside The World's Strictest School: Katharine Birbalsingh, Headmistress

Today, we’re taking a walk down the corridors of the world’s strictest school. Of course, I’m talking metaphorically, because if we were walking down the corridors of Michaela, a school in Brent, north London, we’d have to be dead silent. That’s how headmistress and founder, Katharine Birbalsingh likes it, and given the exceptional results of the children – many of whom come from inner-city poverty – who am I to argue with it?

Katharine Birbalsingh Links: https://twitter.com/Miss_Snuffy Michaela: The Power of Culture: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tiger-Teachers-Take-Katharine-Birbalsingh/dp/191290621X Andrew Gold Links:

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