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Ep. 3: Ex-Hasidic Jew: 'I was raped by the community'

Former Orthodox Jew Emily Green tells Andrew Gold on episode 3 of the On the Edge with Andrew Gold Podcast about what it was like growing up in the Hasidic community, an extreme branch of the Jewish Orthodox group. Having broken out of the community, she talks of the difficulties she had taking her children with her and compares it to the struggles of the protagonist in Netflix's Unorthodox, which she watched a little uncomfortably with her children.

She started Gesher EU, an organisation that, like New York's Footsteps, helps other Orthodox men and women to leave the sect and adjust to a new life in 'the real world'. If you're struggling with these issues and want to leave the community - or if you know someone you could help - contact them here:

Please do subscribe to the channel for more riveting entertainment of this kind, with the world's first ever blogger, Justin Hall, on the following week's podcast. Other big hitters include the Coffin Confessor who reveals the secrets of the dead, and Rebecca Sharrock, who remembers every day of her life, dating back to the womb.

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