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Ep. 49: I forgave the men who gang-raped me: Madeleine Black

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Madeleine Black told her story in her book Unbroken, which is now also a podcast. At just 13, she was led drunk to a bedroom in a vacant flat in London by two American 17-year-olds, who raped her. Thanks to the episode's sponsor, the language-learning app Babbel. Sign up using my promo code of EDGE on

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If you want to know more details than that, they’re all in her book, which is a wonderfully put-together memoir about her life then and now. She writes about other such incidents in her teenage years, and how she ended up in a psychiatric ward. The message of the book, however, is one of hope and resilience, as Madeleine has gone on to become a therapist herself, and has with time learned to overcome the PTSD, anxiety and other disorders that resulted from the rape. She now has a beautiful family up in Scotland, and that message of resilience also echos across her Unbroken podcast, in which she interviews other such resilient people. When she says she has learned to forgive her rapists, she doesn’t mean it literally, because she fortunately never crossed paths with them again. But it is clear that over the decades, Madeleine has learned to let go and live for herself and her family. Those are my thoughts anyway.

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