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Ep. 11: Modestep's Josh Friend talks Wiley and the music business

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Firstly, let me just say I’m delighted to have Josh Friend from internationally acclaimed Modestep on the On the Edge with Andrew Gold show. He’s actually an old friend of mine – and certainly the most famous of anyone I knew growing up, and an extremely talented guy – it’s a great podcast, as he really speaks his mind and doesn’t mince his words.

In the UK this week, a leading rapper known as the godfather of the grime sub-genre, Wiley (who Josh has worked with), went on an anti-Semitic tirade on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and wherever else he could get his message out. A tirade is being kind, as it was about as subtle as Mein Kampf; I don’t’ say that with hyperbole; the things he said had nothing to do with the typical criticism of Israel or Zionism, this was straight up, the Jews are slippery, the Jews are like the KKK, and the Jews need to be shot and killed. He called out for the ‘top Jew’ to come and speak with him, and he very nearly came on this podcast – but didn’t turn up to the Zoom meeting.

Josh Friend is a musician, the main man of Modestep – look them up, you’ll know their tunes, really eclectic and original stuff. He has worked with Wiley, he knows him, he knows his character - and it’s a fairly damning report. But what’s fascinating about talking with him, is we get a look into where Wiley’s racism comes from. I'm upset this is overshadowing what would have been an interview more focussed on the music industry and Josh’s place within it, and the amazing work Modestep have done. But, I also feel lucky i was able to catch up with him at this time.


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