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Ep. 6: Teenage School Head Boy: 'I'm a Paedophile'

This is by some distance the most controversial episode of my podcast. It's one I don't promote now. Initially, I had the title in Apple as it is above - and within a few days, I had amassed a whole bunch of one-star reviews from people who almost certainly hadn't listened to it.

I have been researching paedophilia as a potential documentary topic and have written a book about my time in Berlin, talking with it's famous Don't Offend program, and meeting many of its former patients. It's been a really crazy time, during which I've learned a lot. You can catch a video clip of me talking to another patient in my showreel.

This is not a podcast - nor am I a journalist - that would ever try to show 'another side' to paedophilia. Silas, however, has assured me he has never so much as touched a child. Having spoken to him over a period of months, I believe him - he was so honest with me about everything else, so why not? So, I was intrigued by what his life might be like. This is a very strange and unusual episode of which I'm proud.

Listen to some of my other more controversial episodes, including the one with the Coffin Confessor who reveals the dead's secrets at funerals, the man talking to me from a Michigan state prison, where he's sentenced for accidentally killing his girlfriend, and the female Mormon psychopath.

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