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Thank God I'm Atheist: Pod Appearance

I was lucky enough to have been invited on the Halloween edition of the Thank God I'm Atheist podcast, with Frank and Dan, two former Mormons from Utah. It's a popular and brilliantly-made podcast, and we chatted about my BBC 3 exorcism documentary, and why people want to believe so much. Here's the YouTube link.

Here's the podcast below - I'm on from 40 minutes, but there's so much interesting stuff about witches and things from an atheist/secular perspective. They're a lot of fun.

Having recently appeared on a few 'paranormal' podcasts where presenters are trying to tease supernatural stuff out of me, I felt very relaxed in the company of Frank and Dan, who shared my secular beliefs. They asked all the right questions, and we had a great chat - would love to go to Salt Lake City one day and grab a drink with them. Especially given Frank is a male Mormon psychopath ;) (Listen to the show for that reference.)

For other guest appearances I've been making, hear my episode of the Thinking Out Loud podcast with Vincent Freeman, catch a teaser of me on Awaken Atlanta (with presenters dressed up as Star Trek aliens) and hear my interview on the Ross Trevena Project podcast. More to come - I've already done interviews on Steve Whiteley's Balancing Acts, Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast and Maeve McClenaghan's award-winning The Tip Off podcast.


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