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The Ross Trevena Project - Andrew Gold

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Ross Trevena is a British journalist with a great podcast that you can now find on Spotify and all the right places, as well as embedded right here in this article (thanks to Acast). I basically talked non-stop for two hours, so if there's ANYTHING you don't already know, check it out. Perhaps you don't have the patience to hear me blather on for 2 hours - well either just play it out on mute, turning it up to hear Ross' questions...or listen to a teaser in the video at the bottom of the blog article.

We chat about exorcism, paedophilia, abortion, UFOs and woke all the usual. It's a fun chat and he's a great up-and-coming presenter. Like me, he works a lot on these ruddy podcasts, so make sure to tell him you're a fan, and find him on Instagram, Twitter and on his own website.

Make sure to also follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Listen to me appear on other media, such as the Thinking Out Loud podcast, and check out my episodes with Bobby Caldwell, who accidentally killed his girlfriend in a botched suicide, and the Coffin Confessor, who reveals the secrets of the dead at their funerals!

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