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I have decided to remove my email because I was getting too many! It's a shame because I enjoy talking with fans and subscribers, but I still talk to you through my livestreams and premiere chats.

If this is about presenter or journalism work, email my agent:

If you are looking to sponsor my show:

- Audio Podcast:

- YouTube:

I don't have access to either of those accounts, so it is just people who work on my sponsor deals.

Many emails I receive come from people telling me that I am wrong to criticise a cult. These are usually too long to read, and have never yet convinced me. Please realise that I often have guests whose opinions don't reflect my own, and I tend to get people on to show the other side. For example, if you think I gave Mormons a hard time, try my episode with Nemo the Mormon. If you think I'm not fair on Hasidic Judaism, watch my interviews with Sara Braun or Frieda Vizel.

If you still want to get in touch, please try to @ me on Twitter or Instagram. 

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On the Edge with Andrew Gold

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