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You're probably here for the On the Edge with Andrew Gold podcast, but if you and I are going to get to know each other, you should know that I'm primarily a documentary maker and TV presenter. They've even given me awards for it, such as the Best International Documentary at Thin Line Fest - they flew me out to Texas, which was a hoot! Photos in my portfolio.

Some of my videos are online, so you can see them without breaking copyright. You'll find them below, starting with the BBC's Exorcism: The Battle for Young Minds (watch out, it's going to auto-start!) and moving to a trailer for a film I shot with the so-called Crazy Baby Lady.

The mobile site makes it a pain to scroll through the 5 videos. So, to see more videos, open up the laptop and scroll down. Or, for a quicker glimpse of my work, watch my showreel. Let me know what you think (or hire me - now there's a thought...).


On the Edge with Andrew Gold

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