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90. Jon Ronson: Culture Wars, Public Shaming & Social Media

Jon Ronson talks to me about cancel culture, public shaming and Louis Theroux. Jon is also known for writing The Psychopath Test and So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, a book about the way we publicly humiliate others for minor transgressions. There’s a lot of discourse about that today, but Jon was ahead of the curve when that book came out in 2015. In his work, he often documents his time with extreme figures, including Alex Jones, David Icke and Islamic militant leader Omar Bakri Muhammed.

Today, he's talking about his new podcast, Things Fell Apart, about the beginnings of all our different culture wars.

Jon Ronson links:

Things Fell Apart podcast on BBC Sounds:

Things Fell Apart on Apple (worldwide release 25th Jan):

Andrew Gold links:

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