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Photos and Press

Here are some photos of me during the course of my career. This one on the right was shot using my iPhone 6S while I was working on a project in Buenos Aires in 2019. It was just before I got tear-gassed. Below, you'll find all sorts of photos that tell the story of my career so far, from winning film awards to shooting documentaries, and even a few snaps from my personal life.

These are all free to use and copyright-free. Contact me for the originals if you'd like.



Photos and media


Best International Documentary

Thin Line Festival

Before selling the exorcism film to the BBC, director David Hayes and I sent it off to a few festivals. We didn't have a big budget, and it costs to send them out, so we were picky about the festivals we contacted. Thin Line is a moderate-to-large fest in Denton, Texas. They flew me out there from Argentina, and we were shocked to win the award!


My Big Head on the Silver Screen

Thin Line Festival

I had the strange privilege of watching myself on the big screen at two showing before we won the award. The cinema was packed, and it was one of those luxury ones where you get served food and have posh reclining seats. We also won the Best Documentary at the London Film Awards, before selling to the BBC.


Hunting for UFOs


I'd just started really trying to make it as a freelance TV presenter and documentary maker. At the first time of trying, I got a call from Fusion, who paid me and Studio Baires incredible amounts of cash to go hunt for UFOs in the suburbs of Córdoba, Argentina. I thought this career would be easy. I quickly realised how wrong (and lucky) I'd been!

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 21.40.26.png

UFO fun

Larking about with the head of the UFO museum

Luz actually had a really sweet and tragic story. She'd moved down to Argentina from Colombia, where she'd dreamed of the tiny village of Capilla del Monte (she'd never heard of it). She moved down and fell in love with the museum owner, but he passed away. Now she runs the museum and gets word of him from the aliens she encounters.

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 21.44.06.png

Ringing the Bells to Ward off Satan

BBC 3 

It's a shame it hasn't cropped properly, because this is my favourite ever image. It's me literally taking part in an exorcism and looking either utterly scared or a little suspicious of the Padre, who we came to expose a little at the end of the film. Natalia is the 'patient', and she felt better after, before unfortunately declining again.


Top Pick


For a few weeks after the exorcism film came out, it stayed top of the BBC 3 website and TV platform, which made my mum very proud. It went on to place in the channel's Best of 2018 list, while also coming out on the BBC's YouTube page, where it has more than half a million views at the time of writing. The comments are mostly horrible!


The Crazy Baby Lady

Doing my best Theroux impression

Right after the exorcism film came out, I went back to Argentina to shoot a doc following the so-called Crazy Baby Lady - the face of the pro-Life campaign. I'm Pro-Choice myself, but was fascinated to get into her head, and try to understand why she thinks the way she does. You'll find a trailer here, and it's still available to sell.


Behind the Scenes

Pro-Choice Rally in the Rain

I like this photo because it's one of the rare ones I have of the reality of filming. We stood in the freezing rain for about 20 hours, so credit to my team (even if they do get to hold umbrellas!) That's Lucy D'Cruz on camera and Zeynep Elif Tarkan on sound - you can just see her boom getting drenched.


The Last English Virgin

It's a long story

So, I'd been on a radio show while shooting a doc for HBO about infidelity in Buenos Aires. Viggo Mortensen happened to be on, and he ripped into me about a few things in Spanish. Next thing, I'm invited on a million TV shows. On one show, I joked about being a virgin - it was taken seriously, and the name stuck!


Representing England for Beer-Pong

Live Argentine TV

Having become known as the Last English Virgin in Argentina, I was often asked to do ridiculous things on TV whenever they needed an English guy. This channel put on a beer pong tournament with representatives from each group in the football World Cup. I lost to a 12-year-old girl from Panama. They didn't let me keep the t-shirt.


First time on live TV

A Baptism of Fire on Duro de Domar

I had only been in Argentina for about six months of my eventual six years there, so was still getting to grips with their bizarre variety of Spanish. The panelists ripped me apart for my documentary about cheating in Argentina, and it was one of the scariest moments of my life - I just about kept it together - you can watch here.


My TV Journalism Debut

The Sun

The less said about this, the better. Suffice it to say the video I made wouldn't hold up to today's #MeToo standards. I was 22 and was desperate to make an impression. My editor at The Sun (a job's a job, and no one else was hiring, and certainly not offering their salary!) asked me not to do this. I did anyway. It was bad.


My Brother's Wedding

With two of my favourite people in the world

I talk a lot on the podcast about my girlfriend Juli - who I met in Argentina about seven years ago, and my brother Michael. Well, here they are at the latter's wedding. He's since gotten divorced but I do love this photo; it's possibly the only one I have with both of them around me! They've both been immeasurably supportive of my career.


Law Graduate

'I'm the boyfriend of the lawyer'

Juli's dad got us all matching t-shirts (except mine was in English) for her graduation ceremony. In Argentina, they go beserk with paint and silly string, so she was a mess. It's a great way for someone to mark the day she became a lawyer, and I was very proud. She deserved a day like that after seven years of studies!

Andrew Gold Photo.jpeg

Portfolio Snap

This is what I look like

I took this photo of myself to put on my Portfolio and for any business and media work. I believe they call it a headshot.

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