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Ep. 24: David Firth (Salad Fingers - HALLOWEEN SPECIAL)

British comedy-horror animator David Firth is known universally for his Salad Fingers series, and has been putting up short films on his website for decades. He has worked with the BBC and the likes of David Mitchell among many others.

I think Lynchean – in that David Lynch manner – is the most apt word to describe his subtle blend of the creepy, eerie, nightmarish qualities of his cartoons with a very dark sense of humour. Catch him on Twitter and get yourself a Salad Fingers toy for Halloween.

Before I forget – this background music is by the late Clara Rockmore on the Theremin instrument, and it ran through David’s Spoilsbury Toast Boy film, which is creepy as hell. This is like a Desert Island Discs of his stuff, as I play a bunch of clips of his best stuff, while he talks about them - all these clips belong to David Firth and the full versions can be found on

Thanks David for allowing me to play these clips, and I hope it gives newcomers to his work a sense of what we’re dealing with here! I’ll put links to the full episodes of each of the clips I show in my blog on Also check out his ambient music on Locust Toybox on Spotify – I use one of his clips for the outro.

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