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Watch me take part in an exorcism for the BBC

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

My friend (and wonderful director) David Hayes (seriously do check out his work, he's one of the most gifted directors I've known) and I made this in 2018. I had been living in Argentina and he came out to join me, when I spotted the exorcist, Padre Manuel Acuña making more and more TV appearances. He was being taken at his if he could really do paranormal things.

I got in touch by email, and he allowed David and I to come hang at his church and even take part in some exorcisms. Either Demian Bio or Hannah Salvanes usually came with to help with audio and assistant production tasks. I don't want to spoil it too much...but the ending gets very feisty, once the Padre gets wind of the questions I have (or haven't) been asking others in the church.

When we finished, David and I edited a cut, which got into festivals. At that point, the brilliant Villager Films took it on to do a more-polished (and frankly better) edit. We were allowed to use their version in the festivals, and it won Best International Documentary at Thin Line Fest and Best Documentary at the London Film Awards, before BBC 3 bought it. It got rave reviews in the Sunday Times and other news sources, and I wrote about it for the BBC.

I can't thank director David Hayes and producers Matthew Cooper, Georgia Woolley, Johnny Campbell enough. Without those four people, I wouldn't have a career to speak of. Not to mention assistant producers Demian Bio and Hannah Salvanes, as well as BBC commission Carl Callam.

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