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Thinking Out Loud with Vincent Freeman

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Journalist and film maker Andrew Gold joins us to discuss modern exorcisms, the psychology behind them, and more in this episode of Thinking Out Loud.

That's what Vincent had to say! On my side, it was so great talking with Vincent Freeman (Twitter) and his anonymous colleague both in California (I think) Thinking Out Loud podcast, where they've had some far bigger names than mine (like James Lindsay)

It's a rare treat - a full video podcast, where I talk non-stop as always. They asked fascinating questions and we got all philosophical. Once we stopped recording, we ended up chatting for another couple of hours, such was the positive vibes! We go into exorcism, filming and a favourite of theirs (and mine) woke culture.

I've had plenty of other appearances on radio and podcasts, including this one with the greta Ross Trevena. Among my recent episodes, you'll also find Dr. Tessa Dunlop talking about flirting in the TV industry and Bobby Caldwell, who is serving 17 years for accidental manslaughter of his girlfriend, and the mother of his child.

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